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User Self-Service

Duo’s user-friendly experience lets users enroll in multi-factor authentication and maintain the health of their own devices — without a single call to the help desk.

two images of the screens that users see when setting up multi-factor authentication with Cisco Duo

New User Provisioning

Provision users quickly with Duo’s self-enrollment feature that allows your users to sign up and enroll their own devices for two-factor authentication, with no training needed. The benefits include:

  • Users can choose their preferred authentication method (SMS passcodes, push notifications, etc.).

  • Administrators can send out links via email to initiate the self-enrollment process.

  • Save your help desk’s support time by guiding users through their own device setup.

Self-Service Portal

Save yourself training and support time by enabling Duo’s Self-Service Portal for users to manage their own devices. Users can easily:

  • Enroll an additional phone or tablet for authentication.

  • Reactivate Duo Mobile on an existing phone number (convenient for upgrades).

  • Create custom names for devices.

  • Set default devices or remove existing devices.

  • Change their authentication preferences by canceling a login request and choosing a new method.

Administrators can enable the self-service portal for selected web integrations. This feature is available for all Duo MFA accounts.

Image of a Duo interface that admins will use when setting up devices
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