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Duo and Umbrella: A One-Two Punch Against Phishing Attacks

An easy to use and deploy double dose of defense to protect against phishing, ransomware and other attacks.

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Protect Users From Phishing Attacks On & Off the Network

Cisco Umbrella protects users from accessing malicious domains by proactively analyzing and blocking unsafe destinations — before a connection is ever made. Duo provides strong multi-factor user authentication to stop attackers from using stolen credentials gathered from phishing emails or other techniques to log in to business applications.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Malicious email can be used to deliver malware and execute ransomware. Duo prevents vulnerable devices from getting access to sensitive data. Umbrella blocks devices from talking to Command and Control (C2C) servers, stopping ransomware in its tracks.

Deploy In Minutes

Duo and Umbrella are cloud-based security solutions that you can deploy and use within minutes. There are no bulky, on-premises appliances to install or manage, and no complex patching or updates.

Security Your Users Will Love

Combined, Duo and Umbrella deliver an easy to use security solution to protect against many attack vectors without slowing users down. Umbrella adds security with no added latency, and Duo prompts users to authenticate only at the time of login, reducing friction and improving productivity.

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