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Duo for AnyConnect VPN

Duo's multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the easiest MFA solution to protect your Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Verify user identities with our strong authentication options to defend against compromised credentials and secure VPN access for any user, anywhere.

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Duo integrates seamlessly with Cisco's AnyConnect VPN, providing an additional layer of security for your remote access strategy. When users attempt to login to your VPN, Duo's MFA checks the device's security health and verifies the user’s identity before they access your applications.


Protect your Cisco AnyConnect VPN logins with Duo’s MFA solution. Duo offers the easiest to use, fastest to deploy, most flexible MFA solution. Verify user identities in seconds with several simple authentication options, including Duo Pushone-time passcode (OTP), SMS, phone call , or security keys.


Set up Duo for Cisco AnyConnect in less than 30 minutes. Duo provides several easy ways to integrate Duo with AnyConnect.


Provide secure remote access to internal applications; defend against stolen user credentials; and discover which devices are logging into your AnyConnect VPN. Get visibility and insight into devices and their security posture to check for device health and enforce policies to ensure VPN access from only trusted, secure devices.


Reduce help desk and administrative burden inherent with legacy token-based solutions to shrink total cost of ownership with powerful self-service and self-enrollment capabilities and lower administrative overhead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Duo AnyConnect requirements?

To configure Duo for Cisco AnyConnect, you will need these prerequisites: • Basic Cisco Firewall and AnyConnect VPN knowledge • Basic knowledge of ISE Authentication and Authorization flows • Basic AAA protocols knowledge (RADIUS, SAML, or LDAP) See documentation for specific requirements based on your chosen Duo Cisco AnyConnect integration method, whether it’s through RADIUS, SAML, or LDAP.

How to configure Duo for Cisco AnyConnect?

Duo integrates with your Cisco ASA or Firepower VPN to add multi-factor authentication to AnyConnect logins. Configure Duo MFA for Cisco AnyConnect VPN with one of a variety of methods. See documentation on these setups:

  1. RADIUS configuration: Direct integration using RADIUS protocol for 2FA for VPN access
  2. SAML Single Sign-On (SSO): Offers an interactive Duo Universal Prompt, ideal for cloud-hosted identity providers
  3. LDAP configuration: Directly connects ASA devices to Duo's cloud service using LDAP, adding Duo MFA during the login process
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