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Trusted Endpoints

Secure BYOD

Embrace the rise of personal devices in the workplace and protect access to your applications with device access policies and easy-to-deploy device certificates.

Identify Corporate vs. Personal Devices

With Trusted Endpoints, you can see which devices logging into your environment are corporate or personal-owned in your administrative dashboard.

Enforce Policies for Corporate & Personal Devices

Device Insight differentiates between corporate and personal devices, letting you set device access policies to block any untrusted endpoints.

Easily Deploy Client Device Certificates

In order to identify corporate and personal devices on your network, you need to deploy certificates on devices, which requires setting up a public key infrastructure (PKI). But it can be time-consuming and difficult to set up your own PKI.

Without the hassle of managing an entire certificate infrastructure, you can easily deploy client device certificates for your end users with Duo’s cloud PKI to mark your company-issued laptops as ‘Trusted.’

After that, your Device Insight dashboard will automatically show a breakdown of the trusted (has a Duo certificate) and untrusted (does not have a Duo certificate) endpoints on your network.

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