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Trusted Endpoints

Secure BYOD

Embrace the rise of personal devices in the workplace and protect access to your applications with device access policies.

Identify Corporate vs. Personal Devices

With Trusted Endpoints, you can see which devices logging into your environment are corporate or personal-owned in your administrative dashboard.

Enforce Policies for Corporate & Personal Devices

Device Insight differentiates between corporate and personal devices, letting you set device access policies to block any untrusted endpoints.

Easy Setup to Determine Device Trust

It can be challenging to set up the functionality to identity corporate and personal devices in your environment.

Duo gives you a hassle-free way to mark devices as ‘trusted’ by integrating with your existing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution (Airwatch and Mobileiron).

After devices are marked, your Device Insight dashboard will automatically display trusted (corporate) and untrusted (personal, or otherwise unmanaged) devices in your environment.