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Phishing Simulator

Measure User Risk

Gain visibility into your unique user behavior risks by launching targeted phishing simulations, and continuously monitor your company’s risk of being phished.

Identify Risky Users

With Duo’s phishing simulator, you can quickly identify users vulnerable to phishing attacks by launching your own targeted internal phishing campaigns.

Duo provides interactive data-driven dashboards based on your campaigns that allow you to continuously measure and monitor your company’s risk of being phished.

This information can also be used to build a data-driven business case for security budgets to invest in tools to prevent the success of phishing attacks.

Phishing: Low-Hanging Fruit for Attackers

Phishing is when an attacker sends an email crafted to look like a credible message from someone you trust - like your boss, a colleague or even an email provider, like Google.

The intent of the email is to steal information from you, whether your login credentials via spoofed forms or website login pages, or your personal information, like health insurance details or your Social Security number with the intent to commit fraud or get unauthorized access to your systems.

With Duo’s phishing simulator, you can identify and educate risky users on what to look for to avoid and report real phishing emails to your security team.

90% of Android Devices Are Out of Date

The 2018 Duo Trusted Access Report: The State of Enterprise Remote Access analyzes user behavior and the security of over 10.7 million devices and nearly half a billion authentications per month.

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