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In a Pinch? We Can Help

Things don’t always go as planned - one of your employees might forget to bring their phone or hardware token to work, but still needs access. Allow your users to login despite their phone or token, and generate bypass codes with Duo’s administrative interface or API.

Or, give contractors and vendors one-time or limited temporary access by generating single, event or time-based codes. To ensure security, codes expire after being used the allowed number of times or after an administrator-defined amount of time.

Disable/Re-Enable Devices

If a user loses their authentication device or reports it stolen, Duo lets you disable and disassociate the device from the user. You can also re-enable the device if found, and send a new activation link for Duo Mobile by SMS or email.

The use of bypass codes is one of many two-factor authentication methods that Duo provides to support your diverse user base.

See how bypasscodes work.