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Duo Mobile

Secure Two-Factor Authentication App

Secure access to work and personal, cloud and on-premises apps with one simple app - Duo Mobile.


Easy, One-Tap Authentication

Logging in securely is fast and easy with Duo Push, the more secure method of two-factor authentication supported by Duo Mobile. Users quickly verify their identity by approving push notifications before accessing applications. They can easily stop fraudulent attempts to access company data by tapping the deny button.

Duo Mobile can also generate time-based one-time (TOTP) passcodes that users can type into their login prompt to complete the two-factor authentication process.

Duo Restore

Provide your users the ability to back up and restore their Duo Mobile app with Duo Restore. Enable Android and iOS Duo Mobile users to back up their Duo-protected accounts and recover them when they get a new device - no help desk ticket needed. Learn more about Duo Restore.

Security Checkup

Security Checkup is available on iOS and Android through Duo Mobile. By providing a security score of users’ devices, this feature empowers users to maintain the security hygiene of their mobile devices via Duo Mobile notifications. Learn more about Security Checkup.

Download Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile works on every device - including smartwatches. Use your Apple Watch to receive login requests on your wrist, and authenticate on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Duo Mobile for iOS also supports Touch ID, an additional layer of security to verify your users’ identities.

Duo Mobile works with Apple iOS, Google Android, Palm, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile 8.1 and 10, and J2ME/Symbian. Download Duo Mobile for iPhone or Duo Mobile for Android - they both support Duo Push, passcodes and third-party TOTP accounts.

Duo Mobile for iPhone

Supports Duo Push, passcodes and third-party TOTP accounts.

Download Duo Mobile from iTunes now

Duo Mobile for Android

Supports Duo Push, passcodes and third-party TOTP accounts.

Download Duo Mobile from Google Play now
  • “Prior to Duo Mobile, we did not have two-factor security. As we move our applications to the cloud we decided to move to two-factor authentication. The combination has eliminated the issues we were having. It is a great tool. I am amazed how easy it was to have up and running and maintain.”

    — Robert Rose, CFO, Dairy Records Management Systems
  • “Duo made two-factor authentication both easier to support and easier for users to live with (namely with Push verification). User buy-in is key to being able to improve security and Duo made that far easier.”

    — Rajeev Chopra, President, MIS