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Duo for Essential 8: Mitigating Risk for Australian Organizations with Cisco Secure Access

Critical updates have been made to the ACSC’s Essential Eight Maturity Model:

  • What are they, and why are they important inside Australia's modern cyber security climate?
  • How can organizations comply with these requirements?
  • Why is Duo’s zero trust security model the best option for organizations required to stay in compliance?

Duo for The ACSC’s Essential 8: Evolve Faster in Australia’s Changing Security Climate

Just last year, the Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) made updates to the Essential Eight Maturity Model based on its ongoing cybersecurity experience and the changing threat landscape.

The revisions have shifted Australia’s cybersecurity governance away from what were once rigid, one-size-fits-all compliance mandates towards a more tailor-made approach, depending on an organizations’ unique threat environment. Today’s guidelines now encourage organizations to adhere to baseline strategies first, then further their risk management procedures based on a maturity level (ML) that fits their own needs.

The ideology behind this nods to the broad-spectrumed nature of adversary threats. In short, cyber crime risks might look a lot different in a small local business than in a government organization.

Threat tradecraft and bad actors don’t take a standardized approach – which is why you need an adaptive and holistic approach to mitigating the risks they pose.

This brochure explains how Cisco Secure Access by Duo aligns with the latest maturity model’s recommendations to fit your business’ unique needs. You’ll see how our zero trust strategies can arm each and every access point at your company, dually offering indiscriminate flexibility that helps keep users safe in any setting. Regardless of industry, size or maturity level, Australian businesses can rely on help from Duo’s customizable 6-part zero trust strategy, which includes:

  1. Robust user identity verification
  2. Comprehensive health checks for all company and personal devices
  3. Personalized authentication options
  4. Full-scope access control enforcement
  5. Detailed admin visibility software
  6. Seamless VPN, SSH and RDP remote access tools
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Cisco Secure Access by Duo helps protect and empower modern workforces all over the world. Our products are as customizable as they are resilient, making Duo an ideal choice for any organization operating under ACSC recommendations.

Whether you’re just beginning to implement data security measures, or simply making changes per the latest Essential Eight Maturity Model updates, Duo is here to help kickstart your organization’s zero trust evolution.

Download Duo for Essential 8 to see how our offerings can help you stay steps ahead of cyber risks with success.