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Duo Managed Service Provider Playbook

Learn everything you need to know about how Duo can strengthen your security offering and help you protect clients. The Duo MSP Sales Playbook is your trusty tool to solve customer challenges and fast-forward to a brighter, more secure future! Get even more Duo MSP at

Download the playbook

In this playbook, you'll learn:

  • The “Why Duo”—including our latest security innovations
  • Answers and resources for common client pain points
  • Real MSP and customer case studies
  • How the Duo MSP program supports partners like you

Who is this playbook for?

  • MSPs looking to offer leading access management security
  • Duo partners who want a handy sales guide by their side
  • Anyone curious about building a zero trust strategy
  • What's inside? How to Solve Customer Challenges, Cisco Duo 101, At-a-glance Sales Play. Image: Woman smiling while working on laptop.