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Moving Beyond the Perimeter: Part 1

In this white paper, you’ll find:

  • An overview of the new enterprise architecture
  • Detailed descriptions of new risks
  • How to protect against attacks inside the perimeter
  • What the BeyondCorp model entails
Download the Guide

The Theory Behind Google’s BeyondCorp Security Model

The new enterprise architecture is redefining the perimeter - data is stored outside of corporate walls, and a more mobile workforce is working remotely. This dynamic new environment requires a new security model, to address the insider risk, vulnerable endpoints, policy gaps and more.

Read this primer on Google’s BeyondCorp model, a robust framework developed to ensure “zero-trust” - to assume that no traffic within an enterprise’s network is any more trustworthy than traffic coming from outside the network.

Find out how you can implement a similar security model in your organization with the help of Duo Beyond:

  • Identify corporate vs. personal devices
  • Easy certificate deployment
  • Block untrusted endpoints
  • Give users secure access to internal applications

Download Moving Beyond the Perimeter: Part 2 to learn how to implement a BeyondCorp-based zero-trust security model at your organization with detailed steps, caveats and questions to ask.

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