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Zero Trust Enterprise IAM Gives State CIOs Powerful Controls to Deter Cyberthreats

In this special report, you'll learn:

  • How and why government agencies are adopting IAM solutions.
  • The basics of the gold-standard zero-trust approach to information security.
  • How to move toward a zero-trust framework in your organization.
  • Tips for streamlining the rollout of new security programs.
  • What's next in authentication technology for government agencies.

Addressing Cyber Attacks in Government Agencies

State and local governments face a rising tide of ransomware attacks that, without the protection of a good information security solution, can jeopardize confidential data and result in costly service and productivity disruptions. Often, these attacks involve compromised user credentials. In fact, Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report, found that 97 percent of IT attacks on public sector entities involved phishing tactics, and 70 percent of these attacks succeeded in compromising user credentials. In the wake of these attacks, public agents are rethinking their approach to controlling who or what can access IT resources and under which circumstances.

This special report, created in partnership with Statescoop, breaks down the data around identity management adoption in government agencies and provides perspectives from industry experts on improving information security with a zero-trust approach. Read the report to learn more.