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6/9 Coffee: From Daily Joe to Master Taster—The Barista Files

Wednesday, June 09 | 9:30am Pacific Standard Time

@Coffee: From Daily Joe to Master Taster—The Barista Files

Join Duo Security virtually at The Barista Files to:

  • Learn more about coffee and useful coffee-tasting skills from Chef Michael Lomonaco
  • Master making coffee in a classic pour over drip style
  • Network with your peers from the education industry and public sector as well as Duo Advisory CISO Helen Patton (former CISO at The Ohio State University)

Everyone knows exactly how they like their coffee, their cup of Joe. But can you tell the difference between a good cup and a great coffee experience? With some simple tasting skills and knowledge of the journey coffee makes from the field to your home or your favorite coffee shop, you will become a discerning coffee drinker and master Barista.

As we compare several coffees for aroma, color, and grind, we move to brewing a precise cup of coffee in a classic pour over drip style. We will taste several cups side by side, aerating and sniffing our way to expertise. The journey will be hosted by Chef Michael Lomonaco and moderated by Duo Advisory CISO Helen Patton.

A great Barista prepares numerous coffee beverages with finesse and flair and Michael will teach us some delicious preparations using brewed coffee and a few simple twists to spice up your coffee life.


  • Smoked Bourbon Coffee Cooler
  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Coffee
  • Tiramisu Affogato
  • Whipped Dalgona Korean Coffee
  • Vietnamese Coffee - Hot or Cold

Find your inner barista with us and get on your way to becoming a master taster and coffee expert with your peers in the education industry!

This event is invitation only, so please make sure to register above! Once registered, you should receive a confirmation email. Please complete the form in that email by Wednesday, May 26 so that we can ship your complimentary coffee directly to your home.


  • Date:
    Wednesday, June 09, 2021
  • Time:
    9:30am – 10:30am Pacific Standard Time
  • Venue:
    This is virtual

Presenter Info

Michael Lomonaco, Former Executive Chef of Windows on the World, Chef/Partner of NYC’s Porter House & Hudson Yards Grill

Widely Regarded as a Chef’s Chef, Michael is one of America’s Most Recognizable Culinary Leaders. He led the World-Famous Restaurants at Windows on the World as well as the famed ‘21’ Club. He is currently Chef/Partner of NYC’s Finest Steakhouse, Porter House Bar and Grill, Center Bar & Hudson Yards Grill.

Helen Patton, Advisory CISO, Duo Security at Cisco

With more years working in the Security, Risk, Privacy and Resiliency professions than she cares to say, Helen Patton advocates using information risk, security and privacy to enable the mission of organizations and to support society at large.

Helen is an Advisory CISO at Duo Security (now CISCO), where she shares security strategies with the security community. Previously she was the CISO at The Ohio State University where she was awarded the ISE North American Academic/Public Sector Executive of the Year, and an Executive Director at JPMorganChase.