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Cyber Security 2017 - Bend, OR

Friday, June 09 | 8:00am Pacific Daylight Time

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Join Duo Security in Bend, Oregon on June 9th for Cyber Security 2017.

The current era of connectivity, the cloud, and devices have enabled organizations, individuals, and machines to interact and communicate at "network effect" speed, scale, and price. With that comes significant challenges in how these communications are trusted. Trust is at the heart of the issues and challenges every organization, individual, and industry is currently facing. Whether it's trust of the information and media we individually consume or trust of algorithms making automated decisions for health care, autonomous driving, or financial transactions, we are confronted with exponentially increasing threats and challenges, and our globally connected world makes this even more difficult.

Join us and other leading cyber security practitioners from around the country to discuss the realities, advances, and challenges related to trust in Cyber Security. And don't miss the 9:00am talk about "Whither Nextgen AV: Why the $10B Nextgen AV Market Will be the Industry's Next $1B Segment in Five Years" from Duo's VP of Product, Ash Devata.


  • Date:
    Friday, June 09, 2017
  • Time:
    8:00am – 9:00pm Pacific Daylight Time
  • Venue:
    The 1001 Tech Center
  • Address:
    1001 SW Emkay Drive, Bend, OR 97702
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