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Duo at 2017 Austin Startup Week

Monday, October 09

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Join Duo in Austin for Startup Week 2017! Can't be there, or want to experience more? Follow Katie Mackay, Recruiting Events Coordinator, as she takes over our Instagram.


  • Date:
    Monday, October 09 – Friday, October 13, 2017

So You Want to Be in Security? on Monday, October 9, 12:20-1:30 PM: How does someone break into the security field? How do you choose a specialty? What do employers look for in entry-level candidates? Get the scoop from hiring managers in the industry. Featuring Rich Smith, Director of Research & Development at Duo.

How to Secure Your Startup on Tuesday, October 10, 6:30-8 PM: When you’re in a startup, you can’t afford to put in all the security at the beginning. But you do need to have the essentials in place, plan for scaling your security as you grow, and make sure you’re building your offerings with the security mindset. Our panel will drop knowledge on everything from secure software development to protecting your customers and negotiating security into the provider contracts. Featuring Wendy Nather, Principal Security Strategist at Duo, and Mike Hanley, Senior Director of Security at Duo.

Built in Austin Startup Connect on Tuesday, October 10, 5:15-8 PM: Austin's tech scene is bustling! Now is your chance to meet the companies that are putting the Austin tech scene on the map.

Infosec & Public Policy, on Wednesday, October 11, 4-5:30 PM: How can security vendors engage appropriately in shaping public policy? What works at the local, state, federal and global levels? What can you do if you want to engage on your own? This collection of influential vendors, attorneys and other participants show us how it’s done. Featuring Erin Boase, Senior Counsel at Duo.

ATX Startup Crawl, on Thursday, October 12, 5-10 PM. A celebration of innovation and technology where we showcase 60+ local startups through a pub crawl experience! 7,000+ participants gather twice a year to travel through downtown Austin experiencing the best this city has to offer in the startup community.

Learn more about Austin Startup Week