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Identity Under Siege: Strategies for Enhancing Security in a Zero Trust World

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • Why attacks still succeed despite MFA getting deployed everywhere
  • What authenticators work best and what mitigating controls can be used for weaker ones
  • How Identity Intelligence can help gain control of security posture and identify attacks

With an industry-wide move to a zero trust security approach, the user’s identity has become the new security perimeter. Data from breach investigation reports clearly shows how the attackers have adapted and followed this shift. Most breaches today have an identity component and the identity is now under attack. So what happens next?

In this webinar we look at why these attacks succeed, how you can gain better visibility into the true identity security posture of your systems, and how the authentication processes can be hardened with new and existing tools.

Presenter Info

Sami Laine, Principal Security Strategist, Cisco Duo

Sami Laine is a Principal Security Strategist at Cisco Duo. He’s working with Cisco customers focusing on Authentication and Identity Security. Sami has over 20 years of cybersecurity industry experience in solutions engineering, product marketing, security evangelism and technology strategy and is focused on helping organizations adopt modern Zero Trust and Identity Security practices.