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Better Security, Not Just More.

Quickly deploy 2 factor authentication with Duo’s full suite of security services and protect every account with ease.

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Two-Factor Authentication Methods

Support Every User

Users can authenticate even when they’re offline, with mobile apps, or just landlines. Users can also have multiple devices, and choose their preferred method during login.

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Endpoint Visibility

2FA + Endpoint Security

Advanced endpoint security features protect any user, app, device and network with device insight, analysis and remediation to detect and update outdated devices.

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Reporting & Alerts

Complete Security Visibility.

Get complete visibility into your devices and authentication environment with detailed logs, fraud alerts, and reports on the security health of your organization.

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Policy and Controls

Customized Control, Better Security.

With precise security policies and the ability to set trusted devices and networks, you can customize Duo Security’s two-factor and endpoint security solutions to meet your users’ needs.

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Supported Applications

Protect Anything & Everything

Duo integrates with VPNs, cloud apps, on-premises applications, and more, to help you easily secure your environment quickly.

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User Experience

Security Made Easy

Security solutions only work if your users use it. Duo makes the two-factor authentication experience intuitive and easy.

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Users & Devices

Customize Security

One size doesn’t always fit all — Duo lets you easily manage your users and devices, giving you complete control over your organization’s security environment.

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