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Protect Sensitive Data

Meet specific data compliance standards and your users' needs. Duo provides flexible access security solutions to protect different types of sensitive data, apps, users and devices for healthcare, retail, finance, legal and more.


Protect your student, staff and faculty logins and data with Duo’s advanced two-factor authentication and endpoint security solutions.

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Financial Services

Protect financial data and bank accounts with two-factor authentication, keeping online transactions and transfers out of the hands of criminals.

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Duo’s Trusted Access solution mitigates risks of data breaches and helps comply with NIST requirements.

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Duo helps healthcare organizations secure patient data by protecting EHR systems and e-prescription software.

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Secure client data with Duo’s easy and effective two-factor authentication and endpoint security solutions for law firms.

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Secure customer cardholder data and meet PCI DSS with Duo’s advanced security solutions.

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Duo Security’s cloud-based two-factor authentication and endpoint security solutions protect users in the tech industry against a data breach.

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