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Duo Care Premium Customer Support

Maximize your investment in Duo. Our support team can help with implementation, maintenance, and more — so you can focus on your business.

Duo Cares

The Duo Care premium support program was created because we really do care — about your Duo rollout, about your end-users' experience, and about your continued satisfaction with us as a trusted partner. With Duo Care, you'll work with a team of Duo experts who will guide you through the life of your subscription, to help you maximize the value of your Duo investment as your organization and business needs evolves. Duo Care also gives you access to extended support services, so you can get the assistance you need, whenever you need it.

Download the Duo Care Information Sheet

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What's Included With Duo Care?

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Expertise Tailored to Your Needs 

Your dedicated Customer Success team will work with you to understand your business' unique needs, navigate complex deployments, and add incremental business value with Duo. You’ll get deployment and strategic planning, periodic business reviews, health check-ups, insight into Duo’s product roadmap and more.

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Duo’s One-Two Punch 

You'll be paired with two dedicated support advisors: a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and a Customer Solutions Engineer (CSE). Your CSM will serve as your strategic point of contact — a trusted advisor in areas like administrator training, security policy development, user enrollment plans, product updates, project requests and future planning. Your CSE works in tandem with your CSM and is a technical expert who offers consulting, architectural strategies and best practices as you deploy or expand your coverage with Duo.

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Smooth Deployments 

Your Duo Care team will equip you with the tools you’ll need to roll out your Duo deployment and provide you with a customized launch kit, security policy recommendations and user enrollment planning, plus training and education.

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Support for the Future 

Change happens. IT infrastructures evolve. We’re on your team for the long haul. Your Duo Care team will address your needs as they change, and will keep you up to date on Duo’s latest features, so you can make the most of your investment in Duo. 

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Investment Protection 

Your dedicated Customer Success team will immerse themselves in your specific environment and address your requests with speed and precision. Combined with the extended coverage of Duo Care Premium Support, you’ll maximize your investment in Duo – from speed to security, to complete coverage of your applications.

How Can Duo Care Help Me?

At Duo, we pride ourselves on creating user-focused products that are easy and enjoyable for both administrators and end-users to work with — but we also understand that adding Duo to your security stack doesn't happen in a vacuum. Effectively integrating Duo into your existing architecture, encouraging adoption, and understanding how Duo can help you meet business goals are all important considerations that differ for every customer.

The best thing about Duo Care is that it's tailored to your needs. Our experts are at your service, ready to support your strategic efforts and provide technical expertise.

Please note that the "hands-on-keyboard" work is still up to you, but we're here to provide critical advice every step of the way.

Support Services

  •  24x7 Phone Availability 

  • Priority Ticket SLA 

  • 99.95% Uptime 

  • VIP Support Line 

  • And more!

Technical Expertise 

  • User Enrollment Strategy & Planning

  • Security Policy Planning

  • Solution Architecture Consultation

  • Technical Integration and Deployment Consultation

  • And more!

Planning Leadership

  • Helpdesk Enablement

  • End User Communication Planning

  • Serve as a Strategic Advisor

  • Periodic Business and Product Roadmap Reviews

  • Priority Access to Betas

  • And more!

Why Choose Duo Care Over Basic Support?

Get Maximum Coverage 

Duo Care customers have access to extended support hours to quickly remediate any issues. Reach us via phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stay Up-and-Running 

Duo Care Premium Support reduces maximum allowed downtime by half with a higher and improved uptime SLA of 99.95%.  

Resolve Issues Quickly 

With Duo Care Premium Support, you can report a high or critical severity issue anytime and expect a Technical Support Engineer to respond within the hour.

How Can I Get Duo Care?

Duo Care is available through our sales team. Contact a representative for more information on how you can take advantage of Duo Care’s premium support features.

Contact Our Sales Team

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