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A CISO's comfy bed for sleep worry-free of network threats and adopting zero-trust security
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6 Ways CISOs Can Sleep Better at Night (Part 1)

It’s just the first half of 2019, yet chief security officers (CSOs) or chief information security officers (CISOs) everywhere find themselves in a race against time and resources to modernize and shore up vulnerabilities within IT infrastructure in a way that plays nice with current legacy systems and permits device autonomy within organizations on the individual level. The good news is that solving these complex problems is not as difficult as it sounds.

Editor’s note: This is the first blog in a three-part blog series that walks through the top six areas of concern for CISOs and CIOs and the technology solutions available.

The 6 Key Areas of Concern for CISOs

There are six key areas security executives should focus their attention towards for the remainder of 2019: clear visibility into threats across platforms, redefining the new perimeter, encouraging an internal culture mindful of security, alignment across IT operations and security operations, early detection of risks from inside the firewall and managing cloud security. It is an ambitious list for any company, but it is nothing to lose sleep over. Duo Security has developed drop-dead simple technology that solves many of these issues — giving weary security executives restful nights with sweet dreams.

Let’s dig into the first two top concerns: gaining clear visibility into potential network threats and adopting a zero-trust security policy.

1. Gain Clear Visibility Into Potential Threats Across Your Network and Platform

Managing potential security risks across mobile, cloud and on-premises assets requires deep visibility into all assets that have access to applications, networks and platforms. Duo helps organizations get real-time insights on device health across platforms.

Get detailed insight into the security health of every type of device (whether corporate-managed or personally-owned) accessing your applications.

“We can see a full device inventory through a single pane of glass and have been able to secure endpoints and enforce policies to block access to applications from out-of-date and vulnerable devices. This, in conjunction with the implementation of MFA, has reduced the attack surface effectively and efficiently”

— Richard Bailey, Vice President of IT Operations at PruittHealth

Know What Is Happening on Your Network Right Now

Some device visibility solutions only give you limited insight into certain platforms and operating systems. Duo uses a single centralized dashboard that gives admins oversight across the network, hardware and software.

  • Duo protects against password attacks with multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Eliminate the threat of attacks that stem from compromised credentials with Duo's easy and effective MFA

  • Stay compliant. Duo provides end-to-end visibility, reporting and logs of assets. Duo's endpoint visibility gives a detailed overview of users' devices (managed or unmanaged, mobile and laptops/desktops) with compliance-friendly reporting and logs

  • Get granular control with continuous reporting and monitoring of systems. Streamline data reporting and policies. Duo continuously monitors and reports on the health of your infrastructure. Identify mobile devices with certain security features enabled or disabled, as well as their security posture. BYOD, no problem

  • Duo is software agnostic, accessible and open to everyone — democratizing security. Duo supports all users, types of devices and integrates with on-premises and cloud applications.

  • Customer stories: PruittHealth, Eastridge Workforce Solutions

2. Adopt Zero Trust to Secure the Perimeter Inside and Outside of Your Firewall

CSOs and CISOs are throwing out the assumption that the perimeter is confined to inside the firewall, because it simply no longer applies. The perimeter has shifted with a push toward “mobile first” and “bring your own device (BYOD)” and continues to expand to include cloud applications. This has changed the definition of what trusted users, trusted devices and safe traffic look like. Organizations need to expand the perimeter across on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments.

Zero trust treats every access attempt as if it originates from an untrusted network. This might sound like an expensive and time consuming proposition, fortunately it does not have to be.  A zero-trust approach doesn’t require a complete reinvention of your infrastructure. The most successful solutions can layer on top of and support a hybrid environment without entirely replacing existing investments.

Duo Enables Zero-Trust Security That Meets Strict Compliance Standards While Expanding the Perimeter

“We chose to implement Duo Beyond because it aligns with our own vision of zero-trust security. When integrated with Sophos Mobile control, it helps us securely and confidently provide mobile access to our employees, and provides additional visibility into all assets that are accessing corporate resources.”

—  Ross McKerchar, Chief Information Security Officer, Sophos Security

Have the power to limit access and flag risks before they become problems

  • Duo Security centralizes access policies across platforms with zero-trust security. Admins can consolidate dashboards and get a single view of overall security status. Duo's Admin Panel flags risky devices allowing policy controls that limit access based on device and user trust (adaptive authentication)

  • Support several authentication methods based on user choice: Duo Push, phone calls, U2F, etc. for all applications and services

  • Limit or restrict access based on location or  IP ranges. Grant or deny access to applications based on where the user/device is coming from and what they are accessing with an easy to use interface

  • Stop unauthorized authentications. Block authentication attempts from anonymous networks like Tor and proxies

  • Customer stories: Withers Worldwide, Sophos

Cisco recently released the 2019 CISO Benchmark Study that confirms gaining clear visibility into network threats and getting to zero trust is a top priority for CISOs. Duo Beyond is a zero-trust security platform that addresses user and device risk for every application so that CISOs can relax and rest easy, saving their energy for real problems.

Our second post in our three-part series will review how Duo creates an instant internal culture mindful of security, as well as how seamless alignment across IT operations and security operations can be.