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CISOs count sheep to sleep worry-free of internal security culture or aligning IT security with security ops
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6 Ways CISOs Can Sleep Better at Night (Part 2)

Editor’s note: This is the second blog in a three-part blog series that walks through the top six areas of concern for CISOs and CIOs and the technology solutions available. Our first post of the series explored gaining clear visibility into potential network threats and adopting a zero-trust security policy.

There are six key areas security executives should focus their attention towards for the remainder of 2019: clear visibility into threats across platforms, redefining the new perimeter, encouraging an internal culture mindful of security, alignment across IT operations and security operations, early detection of risks from inside the firewall and managing cloud security. It is an ambitious list for any company, but it is nothing to lose sleep over. Duo Security has developed drop-dead simple technology that solves many of these issues — giving weary security executives restful nights with sweet dreams.

Let’s dig into the next two top concerns for CISOs; adopting an internal culture of security and aligning security ops with IT ops.

3. Nurture an Internal Culture of Security Automatically

Between smart devices, laptops, phishing scams, wifi hacks and malware — preserving company security is everyone’s responsibility. Educating employees of potential risks and creating an internal culture of security is a top priority for security executives. In the recent Cisco 2019 CISO Benchmark Report only 39% of companies surveyed had security training in place for employees. This large internal security risk deeply concerns CISOs and could lead to needless sleeplessness, but it certainly does not have to. Duo was created to make security frictionless and automatic for everyone.

Duo helps organizations avoid the legacy limbo and modernize IT infrastructure with super simple self-service technology that is system agnostic and offers maximum security. It is a win for CISOs and a win for employees.

“The only way we knew to get insights into mobiles devices was to push a mobile device management (MDM) tool onto user’s devices, but due to cost and complexity we didn’t want to pursue this idea. Duo’s push functionality, flexible authentication options, inline enrollment and user documentation made it easy for us to enroll all of our users in a timely manner.”

— Chad Spiers, Director of Information Security, Sentara Healthcare

Everyone can own their security. Duo’s DIY mobile authentication is as easy as downloading an app from the app store.

  • Users can self-enroll. Duo's automated sign-up options, such as user self-enrollment, and Active Directory sync options allow for scalable user provisioning

  • Duo’s self-service portal lets users manage their own devices

  • Duo’s Self-Remediation notifies and assists users to update any out-of-date devices

  • Duo’s technology stops phishing attacks before they happen by identifying vulnerable users

  • You control and customize policies based on the user or group or their specific roles and responsibilities

  • Customer Story: Sentara Healthcare

4. Align Security Operations with IT Operations

The Chinese symbol for danger doubles as the same symbol meaning opportunity. This paradox is similar to the competing priorities between CSOs and CISOs. On one hand, the CISO manages the security operations team with the goal of enforcing and controlling trust to keep data safe; while on the other hand the CIO manages the IT operations team and is tasked with completing projects and increasing revenue with a focus on expanding business with new technology. They often have similar but competing goals to modernize the way business is done and to be secure while maximizing efficiency and business objectives.

Duo helps to align security operations with IT operations by streamlining multiple security tools in one agnostic platform. Duo democratizes security for all organizations regardless of their current technology stack. CISOs can finally catch more zzz’s.

“Duo Beyond has enabled us to push our zero-trust strategy faster, allowing us to utilize client systems (ChromeOS to be specific) that were difficult and costly to support, making it very low effort to bring new services online and granting granular access controls.”

—  Mike Johnson, CISO at Lyft 

Together at last, Duo helps CISOs and CIOs meet their goals side-by-side.

  • Reduce time to security: Duo's native integrations protect on-premises, cloud, remote access, VPNs, etc. to enable business agility, allowing admins to roll out security in a matter of hours and days

  • Secure cloud infrastructure access: DevOps and engineering teams can SSH to servers remotely and securely with Duo to access development environments and deploy code, as required by compliance regulations

  • Duo does the work of many different security tools, all in one platform: strong/adaptive authentication, endpoint visibility and control, remote access and single sign-on – increasing the value of your security investment

  • Duo's technology and security partnership ecosystem makes it easy for you to eliminate complexity while protecting your existing IT investments

  • Customer stories: Withers Worldwide, Lyft

Studies show vendor consolidation as a trend. Duo is a single vendor solution that takes the place of multiple vendors and technology. Duo Beyond makes it easy to develop an internal culture of trust through zero-trust security. CISOs can worry less and get deeper sleep by implementing technology that automatically secures everyone and aligns with the goals of security ops and IT ops.

Our final post in our three-part series will review how Duo helps with early detection of risks from inside the firewall and managing cloud security so more CISOs can get quality REM sleep.