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Female security executive CISO dreaming not worrying about the firewall and cloud security.
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6 Ways CISOs Can Sleep Better at Night (Part 3)

Editor’s note: This is the third blog in a three-part blog series that walks through the top six areas of concern for CISOs and CIOs and the technology solutions available. Our first post of the series explored gaining clear visibility into potential network threats and adopting a zero-trust security policy. Our second post covered adopting an internal culture of security and aligning security ops with IT ops.

There are six key areas security executives should focus their attention towards for the remainder of 2019: clear visibility into threats across platforms, redefining the new perimeter, encouraging an internal culture mindful of security, alignment across IT operations and security operations, early detection of risks from inside the firewall and managing cloud security. It is an ambitious list for any company, but it is nothing to lose sleep over. Duo Security has developed drop-dead simple technology that solves many of these issues — giving weary security executives restful nights with sweet dreams.

Let’s dig into the final two top concerns for CISOs: early detection of risks from inside the firewall and managing cloud security.

5. Get Instant Visibility Into Risks From Inside the Firewall

As many companies turn to contractors and expand their mobile workforce, keeping track of trusted devices and logins is difficult. Yet CISOs need real-time visibility into threats that could be intentional or unintentional entering through a lost device or hacked account.

Duo pinpoints how, where and which end users are accessing corporate applications right now.

“Duo helps us to easily verify the identity of the user, ensures that they are logging in from the device we trust and accessing the information they are allowed to access. Duo is the partner we rely on in our journey towards a zero-trust model.”

— Andrew Spenceley, Cyber Security Architect, University of Sunderland

Duo Helps CISOs Have Confidence and Insight Into Maintaining the Health of Their Networks

  • Compromised credential prevention. When a user logs into an application, they verify their identity with Duo’s two-factor authentication (2FA), preventing the risk of unauthorized access due to stolen or weak passwords

  • Duo’s platform detects and tracks every device accessing protected applications, including desktop, laptop, mobile, corporate and personally-owned devices – without using an agent

  • Enforce endpoint controls. Whether or not you have a mobile device management (MDM) solution, Duo can block devices from accessing your applications

  • Notify users to update. Duo alerts users to install required updates to prevent risk

  • Have more policy control. Manage contextual policies, role-based policies, app-specific policies, location-specific policies and more with Duo.

  • Customer Story: University of Sunderland

6. Manage Security in the Cloud and Gain Control Over Shadow IT

It is often with good intentions that teams will go rogue and start using unsanctioned cloud-based tools to collaborate and get work done. SaaS and open source tools are easy, often have a free version and work great. They also are not always secure and can leave an organization unaware of the potential threats and open backdoors silently lurking in the background. How can a CISO manage the use of unsanctioned tools if they do not know they are being used?

“The old way was ‘I have a lock on the door of the data center and I can control who goes in it’ and ‘I have an internal network that’s protected by a very hard exterior.' Now, with cloud-based services, we have to take a lot more control of how we let people into those systems. The days of just username and password are long behind us. Duo is lightweight and inexpensive and gives a valuable, supplemental scope of insight and control over devices that is complementary to our MDM and extends into the desktop and laptop environment.”

— Dan Ayala, Director of Global Information Security, ProQuest

Both cloud-forward organizations or large enterprises with a complex mix of both cloud and legacy on-premises infrastructure and applications can protect access with MFA, contextual access policies, and device visibility and controls.

Duo Works Seamlessly in the Background Letting Everyone Own Their Security

  • Protect every application, including multi-cloud: Admins can secure any application for a consistent login experience

  • Broadest access security coverage: Secure access to all applications (both cloud and on-premises) for different user groups and types of devices (laptops, desktop, mobile, personal and corporate-owned), from anywhere

  • Anytime, any device, anywhere protection: Duo protects access to all platforms and applications, from any user, device, and location

  • Duo helps assess your risk to phishing: Duo Insight is a free tool that pinpoints phishing vulnerabilities

  • Customer stories: Branch (analytics), ProQuest

CISOs are in a race against time to work through these six security priorities, some of which are laid out in the Cisco 2019 CISO Benchmark Study. The good news is Duo Security has created a solution that makes it simple for CISOs to lockdown potential areas of concern, provides easy-to-use and self-install technology that is device and platform agnostic and runs compliance approved security in the background without end-user effort.

Duo Security helps brings shadow IT and potential weak areas to light with a beautifully designed interface that gives CISOs instant visibility into their organization on a single pane of glass. CISOs need not lose sleep over concerns of huge costs and headcount to modernize and align IT infrastructure with IT security because Duo has it covered. Duo is affordable, effective and accessible.

Sleep tight CISOs. Duo aims to democratize security so that every device is protected on every platform. Security should not be intimidating, complicated or difficult, and we designed Duo to be powerful, simple and easy to use for everyone. Nighty night.