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A wall in Duo Security's offices with the top half of the Duo seal painted on it.
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A Closer Look at Duo’s Seal, Hack Day & Continued Growth

Duo Hack Day is a quarterly, all-day hackathon for Duo employees to work on creative projects outside of our normal day-to-day work, intended to help drive the company forward with innovation.

During our latest Hack Day, one project involved painting Duo’s seal in our new downtown Ann Arbor office - which got us to thinking about what that seal stands for and why it’s important to us.

Check out a sweet time-lapse video of the Duo Hack Day project from start to completion:

Our Seal, Our Principles

Duo’s seal is an integral part of our branding and logo design — with each individual aspect of the seal representing Duo’s philosophies, history and ongoing dedication to security and our community.

Two StarsTwo Stars
The two stars represent the two founders of Duo Security — Dug and Jon — two outstanding members, contributors and leaders of the information security community.

Two TreesTwo Trees
The two trees symbolize our company’s roots in Ann Arbor, Michigan; a healthy mix of the city and nature, and the complementary character of a well planned human environment.

Zeros OnesZeros and Ones
The zeros and ones are binary code for D-U-O. Binary is the digital representation of text and data in computing and telecommunication.

ShieldThe Shield
The shield represents the dedication and strength of Duo Security’s processes, people and technology. Our patented technology is designed to protect against credential-stealing attacks.

Two KeysTwo Keys, Crossed
The two crossed keys represent the strength and design of Duo Security’s two-factor authentication solution, and the two layers of security we offer to our community and customers.

And finally, “Tuebor” is Latin for ‘I Will Defend’. This represents Duo’s mission to protect organizations of all sizes. It also happens to be derived from the Michigan state flag.

This is on our About Duo page, which also provides more information about the background of our founders, our investors, and some random facts about us.

Duo Just Keeps On Growing

We moved into our new office last December, part of our overall growth and expansion plan, realized in tripling our revenue in 2014 after a $12 million Series B round of funding led by Benchmark Capital. We’re continuing to expand in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while also extending out to the East and West Coasts.

We saw another 200 percent increase in significant customer growth, adding large enterprises such as Zillow, TripAdvisor and K-Swiss. Our product offerings have evolved to include a Duo Enterprise Edition, as well as Duo for Cloud Apps.

Our growth reveals increasing awareness of two-factor authentication as one of the most effective security controls for preventing data breaches. And new research also supports that - ABI Research estimates that the multifactor authentication market will be worth $1.6 billion by the end of 2015, as reported by, with projected growth to reach $13.2 billion in 2020.

And to keep the momentum rolling, we’re still hiring! We’re seeking top-notch talent for numerous positions in Customer Success, Duo Labs, Engineering, General and Administrative (G&A), Product and Sales, including some positions located in the Bay Area and the East Coast. Check out a full list of our positions at Duo’s Careers, and feel free to share them with your networks if you think someone might be a good fit.

Note: Duo's Enterprise Edition is now known as Duo MFA. Please visit our Pricing page to view our latest editions.