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Account Security: One Healthy New Year's Resolution You Will Need in 2020
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Account Security: One Healthy New Year’s Resolution You Will Need in 2020

It’s January, and the unwanted chore of removing all the decorations and taking down the tree is lingering, while the thought of joining hundreds of others in the lines to return the unwanted gifts is actually making you excited to return to work!

The clock struck midnight on January 1, and we promised ourselves, "This year I am going to go to the gym and avoid all things unhealthy." We may have something to help that would require not going to the gym or calorie counting! Introducing Duo Device Health, the simple way to secure your online accounts and avoid access from unhealthy devices! 

Duo Device Health 

The Duo Device Health application gives Duo Beyond and Duo Access customers more control over which laptop and desktop devices can access corporate applications based on the security posture, also often referred to as health, of the device.

Device Health = Device Trust = Zero Trust

Device Health is a cornerstone of device trust which is a key tenet to achieving zero-trust security.

Zero-trust security is like guaranteeing the flu never enters the working environment – if it's unhealthy, it doesn't get in! Zero-trust security ensures the health of all of your BYOD devices.

The Duo Device Health application analyzes a device to assess the status of its security posture and reports the results of this scan to Duo. During authentication, Duo applies and enforces access policies using the device security posture information. When access is denied by Duo due to the state of security posture on the device, the Duo Device Health application receives the results of the policy check and presents guidance for the user to remediate the issue and successfully login the next time.

Lots of Device Trust and Little Work

There are three simple key components:

  1. New Duo access policies that enforce application access based on device health.

  2. A native client application for Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 or later that checks the security posture of the device when a user authenticates to an application protected by Duo with the device health access policy.

  3. Additional endpoint information provided in the Duo Admin Panel.

The first time users log in to an application protected by the web-based Duo Prompt with the Device Health application policy enabled, they are prompted to download and install the Duo Device Health application. Once installed, Duo blocks access if the device is unhealthy based on the Duo policy definition (has it been updated or is it vulnerable to risk?) and informs the user of the reason the authentication was denied.

When a user's device doesn't meet the security requirements of the device health policy, the Duo Device Health application provides the user with steps they can take to remediate their security posture to align with the device health policy on the application.

Make sure your 2020 starts off right, even if it's not actually making it to the gym. Let Duo be one healthy resolution that helps you stay secure. Start a free trial today, and find out for yourself why Duo customers love us.

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