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Announcing General Availability of Remote Desktop Protocol Support for Duo Network Gateway
Product & Engineering

Announcing General Availability of Remote Desktop Protocol Support for Duo Network Gateway

A few months ago, Duo announced the public preview of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for the Duo Network Gateway (DNG), and today we are happy to share that this capability is generally available for  Duo Beyond  customers. The DNG now allows users to access on-premises applications and desktops securely and easily via RDP, without requiring a VPN connection.

Over 50 customers have already used the new feature and are pleased with the ease of setup and deployment, strong security controls and positive experience for end users. To learn how this feature works, check out the blog post How New Duo Feature Lets Users Skip the VPN Hassle from two Duo Engineering team members.

For those unfamiliar with DNG, it is a remote access proxy security solution that enables organizations to provide zero trust remote access to web applications, web pages and Secure Shell (SSH) servers without the requirement of a VPN or exposing those applications to the internet directly. 

It is no surprise that for an information worker, the new normal is about being able to access information and applications from any location and device. Convenient and seamless access to applications has become a must-have rather than a nice-to-have. For over two decades, the only way we could access corporate applications – like the employee directory, HR applications and other SaaS applications – was by first remembering to and trying to connect successfully to a VPN client on a corporate managed device. Fortunately, there is another way to get to many of those apps and from any device – an alternative to VPNs. 

Duo Network Gateway has already helped hundreds of organizations across multiple industries (technology and IT services, education, finance, healthcare and more) offer their workforces consistent and secure access to corporate resources from any device and location – and customers are already benefiting from adopting this solution.

“If you want to get rid of the VPN management burden, use the Duo Network Gateway to give access to your web and desktop applications. Users – and their access – are managed in the Duo Admin platform. No more firewall, no more AAA or whatsoever complicated thing. Once you go for DNG, you never go back.” –Antony Gallez, Operations Manager at Cameo Global, a New Era Technology Company

Longer term, we will build upon this enhancement. With this feature release, we have developed an architecture for the DNG that allows for protecting RDP today and more Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) services over time. In the coming months, as we continue learning from our customers about the applications that they are most interested in protecting with the DNG, we will support additional protocols.