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Build Long-Term Success by Realizing the Value of Your Duo Subscription

Value. It’s what we all want when we’re paying for something. While recognizing short-term value is certainly important, we often find that achieving value over the long haul is more rewarding and profitable. The burden of realizing the value of a product or service is shared by both the provider and the consumer. I’ll use myself to illustrate this point.

The Value Equation

I’ve been a Comcast customer for almost 13 years now and I keep renewing my service package. Why? Like any smart service provider, Comcast understands that to retain customers, it must continue to enhance its offering. For example, faster broadband speeds, more TV channels, smarter remotes and throwing in some loyalty rewards like free movie rentals. The enhancements are designed to provide consumers like me with greater value over time. That’s nice, and Comcast does a good job improving its services and communicating them to me, so I know what I’m getting for my money.

But that’s only half of the value equation. It’s still up to me to make use of the all the features I’m paying for, otherwise it’s not worth the investment. In today’s world of streaming services there are a lot of alternatives I could turn to. So, I try to stay on top of the enhancements and upgrades I’m receiving and make sure I’m using as many as I can so that I get that value I want. I’m playing a long-term strategy.

Realizing Value

At Cisco Duo, we frequently talk with customers about their long-term strategy, and how we can help them achieve their business and security goals as their organization evolves. We know that if customers aren’t using all the features in their Duo subscription, they’re not getting value and may not realize their full access management potential. So, we want to make sure we’re not only adding new features and improving existing ones, but also providing opportunities for customers to learn more about what they’re getting in their Duo edition and how to deploy the capabilities across their organization.

Graphic illustrating value over time

When we engage with customers who are considering moving to another vendor, we sometimes learn they aren’t aware of all the features they have at their disposal within their Duo subscription. After spending time with the customer to discuss their needs and the Duo features available to help solve their challenges, it typically leads to an ‘Aha!’ moment and a happier customer.

Building a Partnership for the Long Term

So how are we helping our customers achieve greater value and build a long-term partnership with Duo? Here are just some of the ways we’re doing both.

  • Growing Feature Set ­— We’re continually building out the Duo feature set to help our customers realize a greater return on their investment. In 2023, we made our Trusted Endpoints feature available in all paid Duo editions. We added single sign-on (SSO) support for OIDC-based apps and enhanced the security in Duo Desktop to prevent bad actors from spoofing the app and its data. We also announced Duo’s vision for streamlining the user authentication workflow.

  • Public and Private Previews — Before new features or products become generally available, Duo often provides customers with the opportunity to evaluate the feature or product and offer feedback as part of the release process.

  • Workshops — Customers can take advantage of hands-on instructor-led training courses on a variety of topics such as zero trust and SSO to build their skills and increase their knowledge of Duo features.

  • Duo Care — This premium support service enables you to work with a team of Duo experts who will guide you through the life of your subscription to help you maximize the value of your Duo investment as your organization and business needs evolve.

  • Level Up Online Training — Free to all Duo customers, Level Up is an online learning platform featuring courses designed to help you get the most from your Duo subscription and take the next step as you develop your zero trust security expertise.

  • Duo Customer Newsletter — Duo’s monthly newsletter is available to all customers and includes the latest information on feature releases, learning opportunities, events, and more.

Visualizing a Successful Future

Some customers use Duo only for MFA. And that’s certainly fine if it fills a specific need. However, by not adopting the other features available to them, they’re not getting all the value they could for what they’re paying. Those that do adopt most or all of the features in their edition find they achieve greater value not just now, but also later as their organization grows. As a result, they’re able to see a successful future with Duo. Regardless of which edition you’ve purchased, Duo offers much more than MFA to help you recognize the full value of your subscription.

We have an eye for the future as well. Soon, you’ll be hearing more about how Duo can help you further your identity security goals with Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) as well as our plans for embedding artificial intelligence into Duo features.

Learn more about the features included in each Duo edition.