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PODCAST: Murder Board S1 E3: The CISOs Tackle Remote Work Costs
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PODCAST: CISO Murder Board S1 E3: The CISOs Tackle Remote Work Costs

Duo's CISO Advisory team members are legends in their fields. They have seen it all, and they are ready to share their insights with you!

If two crows make an attempted murder, then a group of Advisory CISOs surely make up a Murder Board. A Murder Board is a group of people pulled together to provide critical review. The idea is to prepare someone for a difficult situation such as a presentation, or for our meaning, your career in security.

This month, the CISO Murder Board, comprising our Duo Advisory CISOs Dave Lewis, Richard Archdeacon, Sean Frazier and Wolf Goerlich) takes on the topic of remote work and look to the future. You’ll hear:

  • A lively around-the-horn of hot topics and current events

  • A conversation on the state of remote work

  • How remote work requires a culture change

  • The future of work and where we go from here

  • How zero trust can lead to remote work cost savings

Tune in now.

Check out previous episodes of the Murder Board podcast. You may also enjoy Duo's Plain Text podcast, in which Dave Lewis speaks to other CISOs about their personal career journey and experience.

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