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Dug Song to Speak About Duo Two-Factor Authentication at Xconomy 5x5

Xconomy 5x5

We are excited that our Founder and CEO, Dug Song, will be flying out this Wednesday to speak at the Xconomy 5x5 event in Boston, MA. The Xconomy 5x5 event brings together speakers from disruptive companies from five Xconomy cities, Boston, Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle this Wednesday, Dec 8th, 2010. You can get more details about the 5x5 event on their site.

Dug will be speaking about Duo two-factor authentication service and how we are addressing the primary barriers to stronger authentication by providing a service that is both flexible and easy for users and administrators. In addition to representing Detroit during his "burst" talk, the company Dug founded, Arbor Networks, will also be represented by their chief scientist Craig Labovitz.

If you are going to be there be sure to stop by and say hi to Dug during the breaks.