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Attention All Hacker Summer Campers, Please Report to Duo Security

It has been a year since we last met in August at Summer Camp in Las Vegas, (the epicenter for Black Hat, Def Con, BSidesLV, Queercon, The Diana Initiative, and more) and sooo much has happened since then. We can’t wait to catch up with all of you and fill you in on the latest news and happenings for all things Duo Security. Meet up with us and learn more about zero trust, MFA product information, security insights, and of course, we plan to host some epic events that you will not want to miss. So let’s get started!

Hang Out With Us


BSides Update: Plenty to See and Hear. While the BSides CISO Summit that Duo is sponsoring is completely packed, we are looking forward to several great sessions this year, including some by a few first-time speakers:

  • Why FIDO Security Keys and WebAuthn are Awesome, with Jen Tong, Proving Ground, 6pm. August 6th.

  • The Drunk Colonel and the Flipped Stone: Game Theory for a Defensive Strategic Advantage with Vanessa Redman, Proving Ground, 12pm. August 7th.

  • The Road to Hell is Paved with Bad Passwords with Chris Kubecka, Common Ground, 10am. August 7th.

Black Hat

The 2019 Black Hat USA Conference is about to commence, campers. It is all about securing the enterprise with 19,000 of your closest security friends, including 70+ offensive and defensive technical trainings, and the 2 days of main stage Briefings, Arsenal, Business Hall, Expos and Talks. We will be there. Hear us at the Mandalay Bay.

We'll Be Speaking At:

  • "Woke Hiring Won’t Save Us: An Actionable Approach to Diversity Hiring and Retention," presented by Rebecca Lynch, Duo Software Engineer, on Thursday, August 8 at 9:00am at Islander FG.

  • "Inside The Apple T2," presented by Duo Labs Security Researcher Mikhail Davidov, and Duo R&D Engineer Jeremy Erickson, on Thursday, August 8 at 2:30pm at Jasmine.

  • "Shifting Knowledge Left: Keeping up with Modern Application Security," presented by Duo's Head of Security Engineering, Mark Stanislav, on Thursday, August 8 at 5:00pm at Jasmine.

  • "Parents and Caregivers in Information Security," presented by Jamie Tomasello, Duo's Head of Security Operations and Compliance on Wednesday, August 7 at 10:20am at Coral C, Lower Level, North Hall.

  • "Friends of Bill W.," presented by Jamie Tomasello, Duo's Head of Security Operations and Compliance, on Wednesday, August 7 at 3pm and on Thursday, August 8 at 3pm at Coral C, Lower Level, North Hall.

  • "Assessing Cognitive Capacity and Burnout," presented by Jamie Tomasello, Duo's Head of Security Operations and Compliance, on Thursday, August 8 at 11:15am at Coral C, Lower Level, North Hall.

  • "Zero Trust is the New Collaboration," presented by Wendy Nather, Duo's Head of Advisory CISOs, on Wednesday, August 7 at 5pm at Cisco Booth 604.

  • "Whose Trust Is It Anyway? Building Zero Trust On The Fly," sometimes in security you have to improvise presented by Wendy Nather, Duo's Head of Advisory CISOs, on Thursday, August 8 at Noon at Cisco Booth 604.


The OG hacker conference where campers have been known to bring soldering irons and lockpicks to get down with pwning and breaking containers, You will find Duo at DEF CON chilling. Meet up with your fellow cryptologist pen-tester pen pals and take a break, or break something. Up to you! Check out the workshop line-up.

The Diana Initiative

Women are half of the population, but severely underrepresented in roles and leadership in technology, not to mention the pay gap is real. The ladies take the lead in this conference that offers a platform and a stage for inspiring women in tech to discuss security and technology while encouraging more women to enter the workforce.

Learn how to submit winning proposals.

  • Duo’s Information Security Analyst (and seasoned CFP reviewer) Kat Sweet leads a hands-on workshop to enable aspiring speakers to transform their talk ideas into viable conference proposals in “Conference Talk Proposal Writing 101,” at The Diana Initiative, on Friday, August 9th at 3pm at Westin Track 3 [Acacia A&B].

Are you in the market? Duo is always looking for a few good women (and people) — visit Duo careers and join us.


Famous for their legendary hackable badge works of art, along with a vibrant LGBTQ community and one epic party, Queercon is a powerful collective, with a smart community and a big following. Stay where all the cool kids stay and make your hotel reservations to show your support for Queercon 16.

Find Us

Nothing is better than meeting in person and exchanging information.

Win a shirt, and maybe you’ll win a set of Apple AirPods!

Find us at Booths #675 in the Mandalay Bay Shoreline Room anytime between 10:00am and 7:00pm on Wednesday or 10:00am and 5:00pm on Thursday.

Learn more about our zero-trust security platform via a demo, pick up some swag, or … get in front of our photo booth to create your own custom gif where we ask you to grab a virtual prop and "show us trust, then show us zero trust."

Have some fun with your interpretation of what trust and zero trust means, and make sure to share your final creation with us on Twitter (@duosec) for a chance to win a set of Apple AirPods!

Show Us Trust, Then Show Us Zero Trust

Want to schedule a meeting? Contact us at

Party With Us

Come party with us and Cisco on Wednesday, August 7 at 8:00pm at Jewel Nightclub at The Aria Resort where we'll be networking and enjoying some food, mocktails, and cocktails. RSVP here.

Enjoy delicious food, drinks, mesmerizing light shows, and special surprise entertainment from start to finish. Black Hat badge and party pass required for entry. Check-in at Cisco booth 604 starting at 10 AM Wednesday, August 7 to pick up your party pass.


WHO WILL BE THERE?: It is a mystery! One not to be missed.

HOW: Interested in attending? Reach out to us at Or you will have exactly 2 hours to get to Booth #675 in the Mandalay Bay Shoreline Room and snag a pass. Booth opens at 10am, secret event starts at 12:30pm.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 7th, 12:30pm

Welcome, or Welcome Back!

School’s out for summer. This year is the 27th annual DEF CON the 22nd festival of Black Hat, the 10th anniversary of BSides Vegas and the 16th for Queercon. It is time to choose your own security adventure whether you are a protector, puzzler, prodigy, professional, patriot, protestor or mischief-maker — Duo at Hacker Summer Camp has it all.

Check out our Duo events page for more info on Duo at Summer Camp. Please report to Duo while you are there!