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Duo Continues to Enhance Partnership With Microsoft on New Entra ID External Authentication Methods

If you’ve been wondering what the plan for Microsoft Custom Controls is, wait no more! We are excited to have partnered closely with Microsoft in the co-development of Microsoft Entra ID External Authentication Methods, now in Public Preview!

External Authentication Methods (EAM) enables frictionless integration of Duo’s full security feature set. We know our customers love using the power of Duo’s identity security solution together with Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) to make it easy to set-up SSO, deploy passwordless, or create and manage granular access policies and ensure that only trusted users and devices are given access to their applications. Duo is now a fully integrated MFA and advanced identity security provider within Entra ID.

“At Microsoft Security, we're always looking for ways to help our customers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to security. The integration of Entra ID External Authentication Methods with Duo is a prime example of this commitment, as it allows our customers to leverage the MFA solution they already have in place to protect against increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks.” — Natee Pretikul, Principal Product Management Lead, Microsoft Security

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Benefits of Duo and Microsoft Entra ID EAM

Heterogenous infrastructure and mixed-vendor IT environment add complexity to managing policies, users, and devices. This can lead to confusing sign-in processes or security loopholes. Switching between multiple MFA providers can cause confusion for organizations and friction for their users. Duo’s new integration with Entra ID through EAM enables authentications through Duo to be recognized by Entra ID as a strong security factor that meets MFA requirements. Now, Duo works even more seamlessly across all Microsoft and non-Microsoft workflows, allowing customers to consolidate their identity security and MFA while delivering a consistent and frictionless experience to end users.

Duo and Microsoft for Managed Service Providers

For our Managed Service Provider partners and customers, the new Microsoft Entra ID External Authentication Methods fixes the issue of third-party MFA not being supported with Microsoft Partner Center. Yes, you heard this right! Microsoft Partner Center supports Duo for all workflows, including Delegated Access Privileges. Your team will no longer experience juggling between multiple MFA solutions. Now, use Duo for all access requests to and within Microsoft Partner Center.

Duo worked with Microsoft to identify and deploy private preview testers for this feature. Hear from Duo MSP partner Tigunia who has been testing EAM with Duo to ensure this integration meets their needs:

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“Duo and Microsoft EAM is a killer combination. Using them together allows Tigunia to have a single MFA system for all protected applications, while still satisfying the MFA requirement in Microsoft 365. Previously with Custom Controls, we would have to switch to MS Authenticator to perform DAP/GDAP operations or Verify Apps, but with EAM and Duo we can use a single system to require MFA for everything. The efficiency, user experience, and security gains of using EAM with Duo are incredible.” — Martin Twerski, Director of Internal Systems at Tignunia

Get started with Duo as a Microsoft Entra ID External Authentication Method

Microsoft Entra ID External Authentication Methods is available now in Public Preview, and you can dive in, begin testing and plan your migration from Custom Controls to EAM. Stay tuned, as we'll be providing further updates and support to assist customers in the transition to External Authentication Methods, like self-service password resets.

Without having to worry about transitional downtime risks, customers can experience seamless cloud delivery and set-up of Duo’s stronger access security solution. Start integrating Duo with Microsoft Entra ID External Authentication Methods for an even better security experience!

Read Microsoft’s announcement for more to learn more about this integration. And check out Duo’s technical documentation for guidance on making the switch.

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Duo is a Microsoft Intelligent Security Association partner (MISA) and continues to strengthen our commitment to providing customers with best-in-class security experiences. See Duo on Azure Marketplace.

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