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Duo Push Demo Video

Check out the new video on our YouTube channel demonstrating the use of our Duo Push two-factor authentication!

About Duo Push

We first launched Duo Push several months ago to provide a more secure and usable experience for our two-factor authentication service:
Duo Push leverages the capabilities of modern smartphones to create a more secure and user-friendly two-factor authentication experience. Specifically, Duo Push utilizes the native push notifications (APNS, C2DM, etc) to provide real-time notification of transaction and login requests to a user’s smartphone, a secure out-of-band (OOB) communications protocol to display the full verified details of the request to the user, and simple one-touch responses to allow the user to approve or deny the request on the smartphone itself.
If you're interested in trying Duo Push and protecting your web applications, UNIX servers, or VPN appliances with Duo's two-factor authentication, sign up today!


A text transcript of the video follows:
Hi everybody. I'm Jon Oberheide, CTO of Duo Security, and in this video, we're going to take a look at Duo Security's most secure and most usable authentication method, Duo Push.

For this demo, I'll be logging in to a Juniper SSL VPN, but Duo Push also is supported for Duo's unix and web integrations.

After logging in with my username and password, I'm shown Duo's two-factor authentication prompt.

I select Duo Push as my authentication method and immediately I receive a notification on my smartphone.

The details of the login request are securely retrieved and displayed in the Duo Mobile application.

Simply tapping the "Approve" button on my smartphone completes the login process and grants me access to the Juniper VPN.

If you'd like to learn more about Duo's two-factor authentication service, or try Duo Push for yourself, sign up today for free at