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Enhanced Duo Policy Management

At Duo, we know just how important the admin experience is. Without it, features don’t get used and customers don’t get their return on investment. It’s for this reason that we’re excited to release a new view of Duo policies designed specifically to solve customer complaints and help admins manage their policies.

Policy is at the heart of deploying and managing Duo. It’s how admins customize the security experience of users and manage risk during authentications. It’s how you block untrustworthy devices or require the latest operating system versions. However, it traditionally doesn’t let admins easily understand policies they have or quickly view the contents. Instead, customers have faced long scrolling, no built-in searching or sorting, and no high-level summaries.

We’re changing that.

What’s new?

The first thing you’ll notice when exploring this new view is how compact it is. Gone are the days of scrolling and scrolling. This new screen is designed to show about 5 policies, because 90% of customers have five or fewer policies. Want to know if you’ve got policies with the same name or applied in similar ways? It’s easy to see all in one screen.

Screenshot of the updated Duo Policies dashboard

What if you want to see a few details or a summary of that policy? It’s just a click away. Click on “rules” and you’ll see a drawer designed to highlight the most important information. You can see when a policy was created, when it was last modified, what rules are enabled and how it’s been applied.


Want to know which policies have been applied to an application or user group? Search is now built into the page. The days of command+f are gone. You can search and the list will filter to only show policies with matching results. The layout is designed to make it significantly easier to scan and see how any particular policy has been applied.

It’s not just visual changes that we’ve added. You now have the ability to duplicate a policy or bulk delete policies. We talked to users and saw admins painstakingly recreating complex policies from scratch only to discover typos days or months later. With duplication, admins can duplicate any policy (including global) as many times as they like.


The policy team is very excited to introduce this new view. It’s the first big change to this page in years and it’s just the beginning of new policy features in the works. 

Try it out

How can you experience this new view? Sign into the admin panel, head over to policies and click on the banner. And since we know change is hard, if you don’t like the new view, you can always switch back.