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Free Webinar: How Two-Factor Authentication Can Protect Your Sensitive Data – and Your Reputation

June 4th, 2pm ET - Register Now!

With cybercrime, data theft and account takeovers on the rise, we’re combining efforts with Online Tech of Ann Arbor to show you how to protect your valuable business data with two-factor authentication.

Duo’s Richard Li and Brian Kelly will join Jason Yaeger, Director of Operations of Online Tech to show you how two-factor authentication will keep hackers from hijacking your accounts and stealing sensitive data . This webinar, The Affordable Way to Maintain Security and Compliance with Two-Factor Authentication is part of a series of free educational webinars offered by Duo Security and Online Tech.

Join us Tuesday, June 4th at 2 pm ET. Register here.

According to Mandiant, 100-percent of security breaches involve stolen credentials. When sites are breached, passwords are stolen and can be reused to access additional accounts. The impact on business and professional reputations can be disastrous.

To find out more about the webinar and to register via GoToMeeting, click here.