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Gartner's CARTA, One Letter At a Time
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Gartner’s CARTA, One Letter At a Time

As we get ready for the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Orlando, we’ve been thinking more about every element and imperative in their CARTA model: Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment. Since ‘C’ also stands for Cisco, let’s start there.

Gartner uses the word “continuous” in a lot of places, including in their seven imperatives. It’s a reaction to the former practice of using what they call “one-time security gates”: you made a decision based on a static set of information (such as a source IP address or a username and password combination), and then you never revisited it. We know that this practice isn’t sufficient to maintain the proper level of trust. Trust is neither binary nor permanent: you don’t trust something or someone to do everything, and you don’t trust forever. Based on the changing nature of risk and the environment, you have to check more than once.

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