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Industry Events

Going to B-Sides, Detroit? We’ll see you there!

A constant focus for the team here at Duo Security is staying involved with the information security community, both near and far.

Each year, we make it a point to attend, speak at, sponsor, and promote some of the events important to the team. To that end, we’re happy to announce our involvement in Security B-Sides Detroit, 2013!

Employees of Duo Security have proudly been involved with this community-driven event since its inception in 2011. At its core, B-Sides is all about creating something special in your own backyard by fostering education and engagement with the best the area has to offer in terms of people that are passionate about security.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend a Security B-Sides event in the past, we highly encourage you to find an event in your area (if outside of Detroit) and participate in shaping the dialog and community of your own geographic region. These sorts of events are an amazing way to build new security meet-ups, find new friends, and discuss topics across the spectrum of information security.

This year’s list of speakers is as exciting as ever. Topics range from Capture the Flag competition building, to malware research, to hiring penetration testing companies. B-Sides, more than any other series of security events, makes a point to engage new and up-and-coming security researchers to have a chance to present in a friendly and supportive environment.

Duo Security is excited to be back this year, both in terms of helping to sponsor the event, as well as having our Security Evangelist, Mark Stanislav, speaking and moderating a panel. If you’re headed out to B-Sides Detroit (they’ve sold out, unfortunately), please take a look for Mark and about two-dozen other Duo Security employees attending!

For more information, including the presentations that are lined-up, please check the Security B-Sides Detroit, 2013 page for details.