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Happy 10th Anniversary Duo and Thank You! XOXO
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Happy 10th Anniversary Duo and Thank You! XOXO

It is hard to believe that Duo is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and it’s also been over a month since I’ve stepped into the Duo office. The more time I’ve spent away from friends and co-workers, the more I’ve thought about why I miss them, and why I’m so grateful this company exists. I wrote this letter to Duo, because I wanted to express my personal appreciation of the unity of this team, the culture of this company, and the collective efforts of its people, which have all contributed to my life in more ways than one.

Dear Duo,


I write that in caps but end it with a period in the hope that you’ll imagine me saying it with feeling, but not screaming it, because I’m not yelling from the rooftops here. I’m in my home office, trying to respect my husband’s kitchen conference call, so I don’t have the option of screaming. But thankfully, I do have the option of staying positive, because, thanks to you, I still have a job for a company I believe in. 

So really, THANK YOU. And not only for that. Thank you for the many things you’ve done and do for me throughout the time I’ve been here. Specifically:

Thank you for the security lessons you stressed from the beginning, especially for those of us, like me, without a security background. The importance of paying attention to details like email sender addresses or URL links. The reminder that two-factor authentication is not just for work things, but should be used for personal accounts, too. And maybe the most important lesson of all: we are all on the security team, because security is everyone’s responsibility. I might not be the most tech-savvy gal at the company, but at least I can do my part to keep our data and employees secure by being mindful about what I click, how I share information, what I’m sharing, and to whom.

Thank you for the many ways you bring us all together. From motivational emails to everyday IM conversations to video conferences to virtual meetups, thank you for showing that you’re here for us, and giving us ways to show that to each other. Thank you for making a point to share what’s happening not only with our own teams, but what’s going on in the industry and the greater world. And thank you for doing this with transparency and sincerity. I know you can’t always tell us everything, but you do what you can when you can. And I respect that. 

Thank you for giving me a place in this company and helping me grow. From my role as a contractor in the People department in August 2015, to taking over the front desk at North Ashley in 2016, to finding a home in the Field Marketing team from 2017 to now. These roles all had their challenges, but were so valuable -- thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet so many people, interact with so many different departments, get involved in the day-to-day business/office activities, and to develop some very important friendships. I even met my husband here, so I’ll spend a lifetime being grateful to you for that.

And speaking of people, my final thank you: 

Thank you for bringing so many wonderful human beings into this organization: the range of characters impresses and amazes me constantly. Thank you for the green-thumbed plant parents who brighten up the office. Thank you for murder-mystery fiends and horror-film fans I’ve bonded with. Thank you for the fierce social justice advocates who remind me to care about and contribute to things much bigger than my own problems. Thank you for the good-natured trolls who make me laugh; the sassy social butterflies who always say hello; and the scary-smart kids with their ideas, designs, and passions...thank you for all of these folks who show us there are many forms of kindness. They teach us their own unique lessons, and add something beautiful to this business that never stops growing.

It’s been an excellent four and a half years, Duo. I don’t pretend to know where I’ll be four years from now. But whatever happens, at least you know you’ve been something special to me.

So, thank you very much for everything.


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