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How Are Companies Using Device Policies to Thwart Cyber Threats?
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How Are Companies Using Device Policies to Thwart Cyber Threats?

Companies used to rely solely on corporate networks, MDM (mobile device management) and VPNs blocking unrecognized devices as key cybersecurity protection measures. According to the 2020 Duo Trusted Access Report, companies are now ensuring endpoint security is up to snuff through granular policy controls to determine which devices can gain trusted access. 

Policy controls can set multiple parameters for access like location, device type, device health, biometrics and more. By setting detailed policy controls companies can seamlessly protect and block access from devices that do not meet the defined criteria and thwart cyber threats.

This news report just in.


Learn How Industries Are Securing User and Endpoint Access

The 2020 edition of the Duo Trusted Access Report analyzed over 26 million devices, 500 thousand applications and more than 700 million authentications per month to gain deep insight into user security behaviors and endpoint security. The report reveals what industries large and small are using to secure identity management and to enable secure trusted access for their remote workforce. 

This report is chock full of analyzed cybersecurity data points to help you understand how organizations are protecting access and mobile device security in this new reality of a mostly remote workforce. 

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