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NEW PODCAST: Duo’s Advisory CISOs Star in “Murder Board”

Welcome to our inaugural podcast! Our Duo CISO Advisory team members are legends in their fields. They have seen it all, and they are ready to share their insights with you!

If two crows are an attempted murder, then a group of Advisory CISOs surely make up a Murder Board. A Murder Board is a group of people that are pulled together to provide critical review. The idea is to prepare someone for a difficult situation such as a presentation, or for our meaning, your career in security.

This podcast will start out as a monthly endeavor. The hosts are Dave Lewis, plus Richard ArchdeaconSean Frazier and Wolf Goerlich.

The Duo CISO Advisors will be discussing security issues that pertain to the business of running a security practice, living life as a CISO and current events of the day packed with humor, knowledge and grace.

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