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Product & Engineering

March 2012 Release

Features, features, features!

We recently pushed a number of updates to our two-factor authentication service. Here's the round-up.

Duo Push Support for Blackberry

Live a passcode-free life. New to Duo Push? Watch the video »

Duo Push on Blackberry

Account Administrators: To help any of your existing users add a BlackBerry (or any additional phone) access the Duo Administration Interface, click Users, and choose the user for whom you'd like to add a new phone. See the full instructions.

Screenshot of adding a BlackBerry to user's Duo account

Add a phone to a user's account.

Support for Third-Party Tokens, Including YubiKeys

Feel free to BYOT. Just email and we'll help you import your tokens so you can start distributing them to your users.

Add HOTP token to user

We have your old habits covered.

Many-to-Many, User-to-Phone Mapping

Share a single phone number across multiple users, tie 10 Google Voice numbers to a single user... The possibilities are endless.

Lots of phones

Smartphone identity crisis? We won't judge.

Duo Administration Facelift

We've updated the admin interface to be a little more friendly and usable. Let us know what you think!

New admin interface

Telephony Credits

Straight-forward pricing & management. (Existing accounts are not affected.)

Export Users & Authentication Logs

We've received several requests for better export support. This should be useful for both auditing and reporting.

Log export

These features (along with several others and a few bugfixes) have been rolled out to all Duo accounts. No account yet? Now is a great time to take Duo for a spin. Try Duo free for 30 days »