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Mobile Device Security Made Easy with Duo’s Security Checkup

Employees tend to become frustrated with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security policies. Installing updates, applying security settings, and setting up device certificates can be difficult, confusing, and usually involves interacting with the IT help desk.

At Duo, we believe that security should be easy to use and friendly for all users with varying levels of technology proficiency. That’s why we created Security Checkup, a new feature available in Duo Mobile for iOS and Android devices.

Duo's Security Checkup

Prior to Security Checkup, to enforce security features of employees’ mobile devices, IT admins relied on heavy-handed solutions like traditional Mobile Device Management solutions (MDMs) which employees hated and were expensive, or spent lots of time holding security trainings nagging users to protect their devices. This feature is an opt-in tool to help your IT team scale to secure all of your employees’ devices that access corporate resources — and keep them secure over time.

Through Duo Mobile, Security Checkup ensures common and well-accepted security measures are in place on Android and iOS devices. IT admins don’t have to nag users, or resort to heavy handed MDM solutions — employees are empowered to understand the security health of their mobile device and learn about ways to fix any issues from within Duo Mobile.

When a problem is found, the user is prompted with simple-to-follow remediation instructions, specific to their platform. No need to bother stopping by the IT help desk just to figure out how to apply the latest OS update — Duo Mobile has them covered.

Duo's Security Checkup for Users

Security Checkup empowers employees to always know their personal security posture and have a helpful tool to maintain the security hygiene of their mobile devices they use to access corporate resources. Employees don’t have to interrupt their day with a trip to the help desk, IT admins can do less troubleshooting and spend more time focusing on bigger problems, and everyone is more secure — ensuring your company’s data and corporate resources are protected and safe.

Duo administrators can learn more about Security Checkup in our KnowledgeBase article, and turn the feature on for their Duo users by enabling Security Checkup in the settings page of their Duo Admin panel.