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New Case Studies! Sharing Our Customers’ Success

Our 18,000-plus customers are doing great things every day while trusting Duo to secure their organizations. We love sharing their stories to celebrate the amazing work they are doing. Take a look at some of our latest customer successes from around the world.

Sonic Automotive - Security That Doesn’t Slow Down Business

The team at Sonic Automotive faced competing challenges of protecting mission-critical applications and sensitive data but not getting in the way of employees’ day-to-day tasks. Sound familiar? Learn how they were able to enroll over 10,000 users in two months, enforce strong security controls and enable end-user productivity.

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Cochlear Limited - Protecting Global Vendor and Contractor Access

Based in Australia, Cochlear has offices in more than 30 countries, sells in over 100 and has vendors and contractors located all over the world. Securing third-party access often presents challenges for organizations, especially on a global scale. Discover how Cochlear protected multiple access points around the world while improving both security and user experience.

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Ballance Agri-Nutrients - Zero Trust in Manufacturing

Securing customer data and systems was the driving force behind Ballance Agri-Nutrients choosing Duo Beyond to help with their zero-trust journey. Duo enabled Ballance Agri-Nutrients to identify risks, close security gaps and secure employee and contractor BYOD (bring your own device) access.

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Optimax - Security Compliance for a Government Contractor

Both DFARS and NIST compliance are very important for a company that makes lenses for space vehicles - how cool is that?! The manufacturing industry has become a target for cybercriminals, presenting unique challenges not found in other industries. Duo helped Optimax to secure its environment and meet strict compliance requirements while enabling end-users of varying technical skills to remain productive.

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Those are just some of our most recent customer success stories. Check out our customer stories page to hear more about why our customers love us or start a free trial and try us out for yourself!