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Product & Engineering

New for Duo Unix: Linux Packages and a Puppet Module

At Duo Security, we're big proponents of making two-factor authentication as easy to deploy, manage, and use as possible. To that point, we're happy to announce availability of Duo Unix packages for Linux and also a Puppet module for easier automated installation!

Linux Packages for Duo Unix

The Duo Unix integration is one our oldest (and most popular) ways for customers to add two-factor authentication to their environment. While we've provided a quick-to-compile version of this integration for years, many system administrators have preferred to roll their own Linux distribution packages to more easily deploy this software throughout their infrastructure.

We currently have repositories providing Linux packages tested on recent versions of CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, and Ubuntu. Depending on customer requests, we may continue to add packages for other distributions of *nix operating systems to further help out administrators in their two-factor authentication efforts.

Managing Duo Unix with Puppet

If your environment leverages the configuration management software, Puppet, we've got a module in their Forge ready to help automate installation and configuration of Duo Unix. This module will not only take care of basic dependencies, but also help to configure either our login_duo or pam_duo methods of two-factor authentication.

Not only is Puppet an amazing piece of software, but Puppet Labs is actually a sister company of ours under the True Ventures portfolio! We hope this module will provide the powerful automation that some of our customers demand to quickly scale two-factor authentication deployments.

Help Us Improve

We're excited to receive feedback from users of these new Linux packages and the Puppet module about how they are working out in various environments. It's important for us to hear what's working well (or needs fixing) to give your organization an amazing experience with Duo Security. If you have issues, please feel free to reach out to our support team and they'll be sure to pass it along to the appropriate parties.

We'd like to thank all of our customers for the continued enthusiasm for our service and hope these new releases will make an even bigger impact in their ability to easily secure their Linux environments.