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New Guide: The Essential Guide to Device Trust in the Enterprise
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New Guide: The Essential Guide to Device Trust in the Enterprise

Imagine you are a small business owner. Maybe you own a restaurant or accounting practice. You have seasonal employees who need to access your network. They might have to use their own personal devices to access your network and applications. You have limited bandwidth and IT support to manage the creation, deletion and tracking of devices accessing your network — or if they are using secure credentials. 

Now, image you are a giant global corporation and you have hundreds of workers all over the world, some full-time, some on contract, some with internships and they all need to access your network, each with a different degree of access. Companies of all sizes struggle with this basic endpoint security issue because it is difficult to get a clear picture of who and what devices are accessing your network. 

How do you secure BYOD (bring your own device) with a device trust management tool that is platform agnostic? We took all of these challenges and created a super simple device trust guide to walk you through how you can easily obtain device trust security and prevent stolen credentials at the same time. 

In this guide, you’ll learn about the problematic nature of establishing trust in the devices that are accessing corporate data and applications; considerations that need to be made to ensure only devices deemed trustworthy have access; and how Duo helps you improve device visibility, assess device security posture and enable continuous risk assessment.

Real-World Use Cases

You’ll also hear from five Duo customers about how they use device trust in their organizations to gain visibility, ensure secure access, enforce security policy, meet compliance and more. Duo's device trust works on all major platforms—Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android and gives organizations a variety contextual controls to mix and match use across different platforms and device endpoints from mobile to desktop.

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