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OneLogin + Duo: End to End Security

Today’s businesses live in an exciting time where cloud integration is empowering them with new tools and unlocking new higher levels of productivity. But is your organization sacrificing security for the sake of achieving this enhanced productivity?

According to Gartner, more and more companies are becoming increasingly concerned with strengthening their security protocols. In fact, 56% of organizations are planning to improve their identity and authentication practices in 2016, according to OneLogin and CloudLock's Intelligent Cloud Cybersecurity with IDaaS & CASB report.

As lines of business across the organization are adopting new cloud applications and BYOD initiatives to improve productivity, IT and security teams must quickly adapt to protect access for every application (cloud or on-premises) from every device (corporate or BYOD). This has been a huge challenge, especially for organizations with constrained IT budgets.

OneLogin + Duo: Simplified Security

This is a challenge that OneLogin and Duo tackle together. As partners, we aim to simplify the management of application access without sacrificing security. We have crafted a seamless integration with Duo that extends endpoint protection to thousands of applications, both in the cloud and on-premises.

By leveraging the open-source SAML protocol for authentication, companies can force authentication at the OneLogin level. With Duo as the second authentication factor for OneLogin, organizations can leverage Duo’s big data insights to protect their applications.

OneLogin’s step-up application policies can enforce additional authentication requirements for specific users accessing specific applications. For example, if HR accesses an HRIS tool such as Namely or Workday, they are prompted for a second factor of authentication from Duo to ensure that they are authorized to access the data.

With Duo’s trust-based authentication, additional risk factors can be automatically analyzed to ensure that HR is able to securely access the service.

Live Webinar: 5 Steps to Streamlining & Protecting Critical Application

Join us on April 28th 2016 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET for a live webinar!

OneLogin Director of Sales Engineering Mario Tarabbia and Duo Security Solutions Engineer Joe Gonzalez will host the session, and discuss the benefits of a Onelogin and Duo integration with customer Paul Bailey, Director of IT Infrastructure at Kaplan Inc.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to address the most common challenges with cloud migration
  • 5 steps Kaplan took to streamline access to critical applications
  • How Kaplan selected OneLogin and Duo for identity and authentication
  • Must-knows for cloud IAM and authentication

Onelogin and Duo Webinar