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Plaintext Podcast Episode 1: Former CISO Thom Langford, CEO of (TL)2 Security

Welcome to the Plaintext Podcast! I'm Dave Lewis, Global Advisory CISO for Duo Security (a Cisco company). This podcast is the natural progression from the awesomeness that is Decipher

See what I did there? 

The idea here is an interview-based series where I sit down with current and former CISOs to discuss how they got to where they are in their careers. We’ll talk about where they started and lessons learned along the way. 

In this first episode I chat with Thom Langford, CEO of (TL)2 Security and recovering CISO. Thank you, Thom for joining me for the inaugural episode!

If you, the listeners, have suggestions as to who you'd like to see join me on the show email me "hacker @ duo dot com".

Rap lyrics and vocals by int eighty (of Dual Core)
Music by Mikal kHill
Mixing and mastering by Cecil Decker

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