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Protecting Against Security Threats Posed By Outdated Devices

Your average user is connecting to your company’s network using several different devices, from tablets to smartwatches to personal smartphones to laptops and PCs. It was a lot easier for admins to secure users several years ago, when users only connected to your company’s network via an IT-managed onsite computer.

But now admins have to keep their company’s network secure despite having limited visibility into the different endpoints logging into their applications. And these devices, running outdated browsers, plugins and operating systems, pose a significant security threat for organizations.

In fact, according to a recent survey with TechValidate, 57 percent of IT administrators say that they have zero visibility into what devices are accessing their networks. In other words, more than half of organizations are flying blind when it comes to access security - a major liability when it comes to outdated browsers and plugins.

Duo Labs, the research team at Duo Security, discovered that:

  • 80 percent of personal devices use Flash, which brings more than 300 vulnerabilities with it reported in the last year
  • 32 percent of employees are using outdated versions of Internet Explorer, which have more than 600 new vulnerabilities discovered in just the last 3 years
  • 22 percent of personal devices have outdated versions of Java, which have more than 400 known vulnerabilities

Each vulnerability has the power to open organizations up to attacks that can lead to breaches. These result in confidential data leaks, damage to brand reputation, financial losses and a decay in customer trust.

Duo’s Trusted Access Platform

Duo now offers a comprehensive Trusted Access platform to ensure only trusted users and devices gain access to your company’s applications, data and networks. Trusted Access is the concept of verifying the trust of users and devices before granting access to business applications.

Trusted Users

Two-factor authentication verifies the trust of a user before granting them access to your applications, ensuring they are who they say they are. Duo’s two-factor authentication integrates with a variety of applications and services, providing the most simple and secure experience for admins and users alike. Learn more about Why Two-Factor Authentication? and Why Duo?

Trusted Devices

Verify that devices are updated to the latest versions of operating systems, browsers and plugins in order to limit your company’s exposure to potential malware and vulnerabilities. Duo helps you do that easily with our endpoint security features:

Device Insight & Analysis

Duo populates a complete inventory of all of your users’ devices with an easy-to-read dashboard, letting you drill into detailed data:

  • Platform, OS version and model type
  • Passcode, screen lock and Touch ID status
  • Full disk encryption and rooted/jailbroken status
  • Browsers and plugin versions

Our mobile app, Duo Mobile, collects this data without the use of an agent on your users’ devices, preserving their privacy.

We also analyze the collected data, identifying and flagging any devices running outdated OS, browsers or plugins to save your admins time and quickly highlight issues you need to remediate.


Don’t have time to update every unmanaged device? Notify your users when it’s time to update their devices, and give them the option to update themselves before they access your company’s network.

Policies & Controls

Give your users even more motivation to update their devices by creating an endpoint policy to block devices running outdated OS, browsers and plugins from accessing your apps.

Sign up for a free trial and start protecting your endpoints today.