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Salesforce Recommends Duo to Meet New MFA Requirement

Salesforce is putting new policies in place next month to better protect their customers and keep their data secure. Starting February 1, the leading customer relationship management company will require all customers to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) — and Duo is among the top solutions they recommend.

“On their own, usernames and passwords no longer provide sufficient protection against cyberattacks. ... With threats like phishing attacks, credential stuffing, and account takeovers on the rise, MFA is one of the most effective ways to prevent unauthorized account access.” —Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

So what exactly counts as MFA? While some companies use SMS or email to share a one-time passcode to log in, this simple two-factor authentication (2FA) method will not satisfy the new requirements. VPNs, password managers and trusted devices, (all great security measures) will not count towards compliance either. Salesforce is very explicit about what is and is not MFA and has provided an MFA Requirement Checker to ensure your company has satisfied the requirement.

For companies that do not comply, there are significant consequences, including legal liability for cyberattacks and potentially blocking access to Salesforce in the future. However, Salesforce is providing multiple options to make sure all organizations have the support and resources they need to take action. 

One potential solution is the Salesforce Authenticator app. This free app works on all Salesforce products and is an option to ensure all organizations have access to MFA. While the Authenticator app is a good backup, Salesforce recommends using MFA delivered via third-party single sign-on (SSO). Fortunately, Duo’s SSO and Duo’s MFA solutions can easily address these concerns.

“If your company is already using an MFA solution like Duo™, we recommend integrating your Salesforce products with that system instead of enabling a Salesforce product's MFA functionality. Integrating with an existing solution may reduce your timeline and costs for implementing MFA. And it can minimize friction and change management needs because your users are already familiar with your existing system.” —Salesforce

With Duo, you can protect unlimited applications in addition to Salesforce and make it easy for your employees to securely access their accounts. Duo also offers flexible authentication options that you can implement based on your unique users and needs. Additionally, it can take a few hours (or often even less!) to deploy across your workforce, making it the ideal solution for security teams that are concerned about the February 1 deadline sneaking up on them. 

Ultimately, Salesforce is hoping that this new policy is not just another security box that the company has to check, but part of a long-term strategic vision. “Our goal in requiring MFA is to give you the incentives and tools to prioritize strengthening the security of your Salesforce environments. We encourage you to work with your Security and IT teams to align the MFA requirement with your company’s overall security objectives.”

To learn more about how Duo can help you comply with the new requirement, read about our Top 5 Considerations When Enabling MFA for Tableau Online and Other Salesforce Products. To get started right away, sign up for a free 30-day trial.