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The Evolution of Security #5: The Mainframe

Information security has, by necessity, changed a lot from a strategic perspective. From physical walls to encoded maps to locks and chains, the way we defend against the age-old criminal must evolve to support the ways we interact with data today.

Now, as we enter into an era of Security 3.0 that must grapple with new security challenges introduced by BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the cloud, what kind of security solution can we turn to in order to protect our private company data?

Stay tuned: The answer will be revealed April 14!

Duo’s Creative team has taken on the task of depicting security throughout the ages with a series of original illustrations. Here’s the fifth in our Evolution of Security series:

Hacking All the Data: Avoiding Lasers

Evolution of Security: The Mainframe

Instead of gold or paper, data is now the coveted prize of modern criminals - personal data, health insurance data, financial and otherwise, all that you need to commit identity fraud.

And physical proximity to one centralized mainframe, armed with a thumb drive is the only way to access and steal that data. Laser motion detectors provide physical security after hours, meaning a criminal must pull a Mission Impossible in order to access the mainframe’s bounty of data, dangling deftly.

Now that data is gold, protecting physical access to computers housing stored data is particularly critical...

Stay tuned to see the next phase of security evolution tomorrow!