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VIDEO: CISO Wendy Nather Reminds Us Why Democratizing Security Matters at RSA

What does it mean to democratize something? : to make (a country or organization) more democratic. formal: to make (something) available to all people: to make it possible for all people to understand (something)

What Does It Mean To Democratize Cybersecurity?

The industry is still building security based on an outdated model. Where enterprises used to purchase, issue and manage the means of computing, now we need to distribute security to mobile users globally. How do we adapt? We have to change hearts and minds as well as technologies. Democratizing security means thinking differently about the people we serve. Users are not “the weakest link”; they are powerful industry drivers. We have to give up the beliefs and control we once held as unquestioned. It’s time for radical change.

Watch Wendy Nather Explain Why Accessible Security Protects Us All 

Watch Wendy's Inspiring Keynote at RSA: We The People | Democratizing Security

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