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WEBINAR: 4 Election Security Educators Walk Into a Panel
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WEBINAR: 4 Election Security Educators Walk Into a Panel

What happens when four election security specialists gather together to talk shop? They dispel myths, share deep knowledge, and bring clarity to the state of our elections. As confusing contradictory messages abound on both sides of the aisle, we’ve assembled a crack team of election security educators in different fields to help explain to voters what exactly is going on.

(Pro tip: Don’t panic! Disinformation campaigns on the regular is normal and happens every election)

If you have questions about the security around the logistics of holding national elections during a pandemic, the increase and safety of mail-in ballots, the growing adoption of electronic voting machines and online registrations and how hackers might try to use malware to disrupt them — then this is one webinar you will not want to miss, as we round the homestretch toward the November 3rd election.

Meet Our Panelists

  • Maggie MacAlpine, a co-organizer of DEF CON’s Voting Village and recently featured in HBO’s “Kill Chain,” will outline what we’ve learned from security testing electronic voting machines as well as her experience as an election volunteer.

  • Michael Daniel, an election security policy expert and former cybersecurity coordinator for the Obama administration, will share historical context we can apply to the current election and why our election systems are more resilient than one may think based on the news.

  • Matt Olney from Cisco Talos will review recent research by his team on foreign disinformation tactics for election disruption, and why election results are not their true target.

  • Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security and a frequent commentator on social engineering stories for outlets like CNN and the New York Times, will explain why those managing elections often pose a more attractive target for attackers than hardware.

“I’m looking forward to this panel because we’re getting to dig past the ubiquitous surface-level discussion of election security, and really break down the puzzle pieces that make up the whole picture. Our goal is that everyone who attends will walk away with a deeper understanding of the election safeguards we have in place and why this election isn’t as unique or unprecedented as one might think!” — Zoe Lindsey, Security Strategist at Duo

Join The Webinar

What: Webinar “Election Security: What Voters Should Know Before November 3”


October 15, 1:00pm EDT | October 15, 10:00am PDT


Virtually — reserve your spot at

Recommended Election Security Info

To prepare for the big day, we’ve also assembled some great election security information for your consideration: 

  • LISTEN: Cisco’s “Security Stories” podcast brings CISOs center stage to discuss important topics. The podcast recently explored election security with Curtis Simpson, Chief Information Security Officer at Armis.

  • WATCH: This Government Matters webinar brings together thought leaders from the public and private sectors at all levels of that effort – to outline the challenges, share the best practices, and address the impact COVID-19 could have on election security in 2020.

The webinar will be recorded and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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