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What is MFA? Educating Users About the Authentication Product

Cisco Secure Access by Duo is a leading provider of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the global workforce – but what does that mean?  This month, Duo Security unveiled an important educational asset, our What is MFA explainer page, to help users understand exactly what MFA means and how it can help secure the global workforce.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the practice of adding multiple (two or more) identity verification dimensions at login. MFA differs from its two-dimensional counterpart, 2FA, which only involves adding a single verification method. This distinction is important to note because many organizations seek a second factor option without realizing that they could boost their access security even further with multiple factors.

Secure Your Network Like You Secure Your Home

When a homeowner locks their front door with a key, they’re adding one layer of protection to their home security. Similarly, our application passwords work as layer one in data access security.

When that same homeowner installs a deadbolt lock, they’re doing the same thing 2FA does for access security: adding a second layer of protection.

The safest and most secure homes, however, might also have a key code lock on their door, or a guard dog, or a security alarm system, or motion-activated cameras. These additional third, fourth, fifth (and beyond) layers of security are like MFA in that they build off of those first two layers to provide in-depth, multi-faceted security.

Discover MFA with Cisco Secure Access by Duo

Duo Security is a secure access provider that offers both authentication methods (MFA and 2FA) with autonomous and flexible integration options. Our scalable software and network technology is user-focused, meaning that a workforce protected by Duo MFA or 2FA is given the opportunity to choose how many and which additional factor tools work best for them. We invite you to explore “What is MFAand our MFA Product Page to discover why you should invest in additional verification factors, how MFA works, what MFA methods you can choose from to help make your workforce safer than ever before.